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Agriscience Fair
The agriscience fair competition allows students to put the scientific process to the test in an agriculture related topic as either a team of two or individual. Students have the opportunity to compete at regional science fairs, major livestock show science fairs, and at the state level during the Texas FFA Convention with an opportunity to compete at the national level in the fall. There is multiple opportunities to earn scholarship money with science fair competitions. Not only are students judged on the completion of their project, but also the relevance to the industry, and their ability to present scientific information accurately. Students can start competing in science fair contests in the 7th Grade! 

Science fair competitions are split into 6 divisions:
  • Division 1 - Individual member in grades 7 and 8
  • Division 2 - Team of two members in grades 7 and 8 
  • Division 3 - Individual member in grades 9 and 10
  • Division 4 - Team of two members in grades 9 and 10
  • Division 5 - Individual member in grades 11 and 12
  • Division 6 - Team of two members in grades 11 and 12

Students can compete in the following categories:
Animal Systems
Environmental Services/Natural Resource Systems
Food Products and Processing Systems
Plant Systems
Power, Structural and Technical Systems
Social Systems

More information on rules and contest content can be found at: https://www.texasffa.org/agriscience-fair


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