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Proficiency and Star Awards
Star Awards:
Students that are working on exceptional Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) Programs and FFA involvement can be awarded the Star Award in the respected area at the chapter, district, area, state, and even national levels. These awards are given with each degree level with the exception of the Discovery FFA Degree. 

The star Divisions are:
Star in Production
Star in Agri-Business
Star in Agricultural Placement
Star in Agri-Science

Additional information can be found at: https://www.texasffa.org/star-awards

Proficiency Awards:
The Proficiency award program encourages members to set and work to achieve personal goals and learn practical skills that relate to the field of Agriculture. Members may be recognized at the local, state and national levels for their accomplishments and excellence in their Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) Programs. There are 51 proficiency award areas that individual members can apply for. 

More information on the 51 proficiency areas can be found at: https://www.texasffa.org/prof-awards

*Both Star and Proficiency awards are based off of the AET record book system that students are required to keep up with in their Agriculture Education Classes*


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